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First National Bank
Press Office Feature : FNB launches first scalable banking website in Africa

Company: First National Bank
Author:Aurelia Rimmington
Email:[email protected]
Posted:12 Jul 2013

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The new website will be available to the public on Sunday 14 July 2013

FNB announces that its online banking website has been extensively revised to offer an enhanced and more intuitive experience across mobile channels, from PCs to multiple smart devices - a first of its kind on the continent.

During the past two years, we have reviewed banking sites across the world to benchmark ourselves. We currently have over 1.5m online banking customers and expect this to increase with the new and enhanced platform," says Lee-Anne van Zyl, FNB Online Banking CEO.

The bank's new website lies at the heart of FNB's digital banking infrastructure and the website offers a deeper source of financial information for customers seeking a more detailed banking environment or quicker mobile transactions.

"We have created the first truly scalable banking site on the continent, which is not stripped-down for devices with smaller screens or simply compressed to fit. The site automatically detects and adapts to the device being used," adds van Zyl.

"We have rapidly evolved to a transaction and destination site where people are looking for information, downloads and expect to find research capabilities."

"At the same time, people expect the site to will perform equally well and to provide a superior banking functionality on a variety of devices," continues van Zyl.

FNB Online has received numerous accolades in the past years, including the most popular banking website in Africa, according to a recent survey conducted by web information company, Alexa.  In addition, FNB Online currently dominates with market share of 35%.

Asked why FNB was changing its winning formula, van Zyl explained that the new site was designed to be familiar to customers, but would offer a depth of interaction that was not possible without a comprehensive re-engineering project.

Some of the enhancements include an improved user experience, being touch screen friendly, easy buttons and menus, responsive design enabling scalability  to multiple devices with layered, seamless security.

"We have set out to give FNB Online customers a user experience that builds on everything they already love, is as close as possible to perfect for ease of use and will offer a steadily evolving level of banking intelligence."

"We have created a site that may appear to be minimalist, but, we have done this to enable intuitive use and as customers engage, they will find an interactive platform," says van Zyl.

The site was developed entirely by FNB Online developers working at the bank's eco-friendly office complex in Fairlands north of Johannesburg.

During the coming months, FNB will be adding additional levels of functionality to the site and will be further enhancing the customer experience.

FNB has created a banking platform that evolves in functional levels, rather than a simple application of graphics that is so often seen on many websites.

"FNB's online banking vision is to shape the digital banking experience of customers on the African continent and we believe this new website will provide our customers with this in South Africa, other African countries we operate in as well as India," concludes van Zyl.

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