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Camargue Underwriting Managers
Press Office Feature : Camargue launches new employment practices liability module on elearning platform

Company: Camargue Underwriting Managers
Author:Melanie Stevens
Email:[email protected]
Posted:18 Aug 2015

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Brokers have complete control over their own learning process

In South Africa there are over 200 000 unfair dismissal disputes every year – roughly 800 per day and more than 50% of these disputes are awarded in favour of the employee.

With an average loss of R25 000 and 20 productive hours per employer, per case, the reality is, any company that has employees needs Employment Practices Liability (“EPL”) cover.

Recognising the need for flexibility in learning, and building on its increasingly robust eLearning platform, Camargue has launched its EPL module which is accessible online, anytime, on any device and now with sound.

As with all Liability Academy for Brokers (“LAB”) training presented at Camargue House, at brokerages, and on national roadshows – Camargue’s eLearning modules are free and fully sponsored by Camargue. 

The content and assessments of the new course have been approved by the Insurance Institute of South Africa for three CPD hours; while the D&O module offers five and the Commercial Crime module offers three CPD nominal hours.

The CPD hours secured for Camargue’s eLearning courses are added to those already obtained at Camargue workshops.

According to Camargue managing director, Mitch Marescia, by taking the courses online, the Group is considerably expanding its reach with no geographic area excluded; IISA members brokers in South Africa and on the continent, actually anywhere in the world, can benefit from the eLearning programme. 

“By spreading the power of knowledge – a Camargue philosophy that we live by – we are changing the face of the industry and raising the bar when it comes to proficiency and professionalism,” adds Marescia.

Head of the Camargue LAB, Mari Williams, says that upon successful completion of the EPL course, brokers will have a clear understanding of exactly what EPL is; appreciate where the risks come from; and have a grasp of unfair labour practices and key exclusions.

“They will also be clear about the kind of questions to ask when securing an EPL quote and thanks to the level of practical detail in the course; they will also be able to more than adequately apply the knowledge in practice.”

Both profit (public and private) and non-profit companies are all at risk of being sued by current, past and potential employees, and even the most efficient HR departments may fall victim to inconsistent decision making at the dispute resolution forums. 

Defending a wrongful termination or discrimination claim - whether innocent or guilty, or even if the claim is groundless or frivolous - can be expensive.

Of the awards made against the employer, approximately 60% are both procedurally and substantively unfair.

“The potential exposure to a monetary damages award threatens a company's financial resources and even its reputation can also be called into question.  With the South African environment becoming increasingly litigious, large and small businesses alike must manage this risk, mitigating and migrating it with unshakable cover,” says Williams.

“The prospects for brokers closing these deals has never been easier – this is not a hard sell product despite its niche status – but a complete understanding of the landscape is fundamental to broker credibility.”

Human Resources and Skills Development teams within large Broker groups can add Camargue’s eLearning into their annual training schedules and bulk registrations cater for management of this in-house – all in close consultation with Camargue.

Brokers have complete control over their own learning process. Users are given their own user name and password.

They are able to log out of a training session at any time, and resume at their own convenience.

To date, close on 700 brokers have signed up for training, with an average pass rate of 93% on the Commercial Crime module and 88% on D&O.

To register brokers should visit and click on the Training tab. Online and telephonic support is available to ensure ease of navigation.

Camargue is an underwriter of niche insurance products and a provider of risk management solutions to a broad spectrum of industries in Southern Africa. Camargue’s unique M3 approach focuses on managing, mitigating and migrating critical business risks.

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